The Prosperity Matrix

The Prosperity Matrix

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In the search for prosperity, too many people give up before they start. The Prosperity Matrix is your guide to building sustained prosperity in every area of your life. Even if you have achieved many of your life’s goals, true prosperity can continue to grow when you discover what matters most, and set your personal course for the future.

David Yarnes, successful entrepreneur and businessman, shares practical insights and experiences of how to maintain your dream for a greater destiny and a life of distinction. Dave’s personal stories and clear vision show you how to set your own unique course to sustained prosperity. The Prosperity Matrix helps map out your life goals, so you can design the life you want to live and achieve lasting prosperity. Download the free accompanying workbook, the Life Application Guide, to help you walk through each exercise and apply these practical changes so you can find your true calling and the path for your success. In The Prosperity Matrix, you will discover how to master your emotions and make them work for you and you will learn how to learn from your setbacks as you create steps to be more positive, proactive, and persistent.

With information compiled from hundreds of personal interviews, this book will also help you discover what elements have had the most sustained and productive outcomes for today’s high impact leaders.  This book will change your life, not just for today, but the way you live every day.


Life Application Guide

Also, download the Spiritual Life Application Guide a key to further spiritual development.