The Prosperity


“Plan Your Passion, Chart Your Course, Own Your Life”

An Introduction to the
Three Circle Strategy

Position yourself to live a fulfilling and successful life — Spiritually, financially, and personally! ~ By: Dr. Dave Yarnes

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The Prosperity Matrix

The Prosperity



"His ability to grasp the essence of an idea and break it down into an engaging and practical experience is nothing short of phenomenal."

− Dr. Lance Wallnau Founder of Lance Learning Group in Dallas, Texas

"Dave Yarnes is a remarkable entrepreneur and Christian leader who has established a profound blend of passionate spirituality and excellent business acumen."

− Mike Bickle, Director for the International House of Prayer of Kansas City

"Dave is a treasure hunter, always seeking the true treasures of wisdom and knowledge; he finds them, and then shares them with everyone around him."

− Rick Joyner, President of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina

"From forty years of experience, I know that anytime I followed the principles Dave outlines, I was successful. And any time I did not, my efforts led to failure. Now I know why."

− Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou, Former majority shareholder and Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda Group, U.K.

"Over the years, I have been impressed by my friend Dave Yarnes’ extraordinary skills in assisting countless people to achieve their full potential, turning dreams into reality."

− Mahesh Chavda Founder of Chavda Ministries International

"The field-tested insights on leadership unveiled in this book will change your life."

− Larry Kreider Director of DOVE International

"If you can engage with the message of this book, you will see your priorities come more into focus so you can achieve greater things."

− Marc Nuttle, international lawyer, author, and former Presidential advisor

About Dave

David Yarnes represents a unique voice in business today. He has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 30 years, starting or owning businesses such as award-winning hotels and restaurants, a nationally chartered bank, and a performing arts center. His range of experience and depth of knowledge is in high demand as an executive coach, consultant, and keynote speaker. Dave’s humor, candor, and spiritual insight paints a picture of business that is not often seen.

Dave has been a private investor whose diversified portfolio has held ownership, equity or management concerns while developing and funding ventures in a vast range of fields. His philanthropic pursuits carry as much diversity as his working career which include developing micro-financing and emerging world initiatives for housing, education, health care, and poverty relief efforts in India, Africa and South America. Dave continues to make personal investments in emerging foreign companies that have a humanitarian thrust.

Currently, Dave is based in Fort Mill, South Carolina while he maintains active enterprises and initiatives worldwide. Dave has been married to his wife Gina for over 25 years and has three sons: Matthew, Nathan, and Samuel.

The Prosperity Matrix

The Prosperity